About Us

At Barenbrug, we’re proud to have been part of New Zealand’s pastoral landscape for over 30 years as a plant breeding and research company.


We’re 100% committed to New Zealand’s agricultural future, through providing Kiwi farmers the best pasture and forage they can grow.


Our innovative research programme has created some of this country’s best pastures, including Trojan, Shogun, Tabu+, Tyson and Rohan, all of which are backed by the experience and expertise of our staff.

We employ nearly 60 staff nationwide including plant breeders and agronomists, plus seed laboratory, microbiology and seed production specialists.


We also work with expert research partners including DairyNZ, Lincoln University, AgResearch, Massey University, PG+ and DairyBio Australia.


Since day one, we’ve been linked into the Royal Barenbrug Group, a fourth generation family business based in the Netherlands.


This has helped give us a technical edge from the very start, with unique access to global science, knowledge and plant genetics.


Barenbrug is the largest privately owned seed company in the world, with 22 research and development locations across all the main climatic zones, and sharing its resources has helped make us what we are today.