'It's my way of contributing to greater sustainability in the dairy and food sectors.'

Feeding the future

Sustainability is more than just a word to us. Barenbrug believes true gain lies in sustainable management and responsible decisions. The key to a prosperous future? Long-term commitment!

Reduce energy

How can we reduce energy use, help feed the world, bring out the best in our people and make a difference to the less fortunate of this world? These questions are top of mind for us as we do business. By offering sustainable turf and forage solutions we strive to make the world a better place.


Imagine the sun beating down on the land, insects ruining the harvest, cold weather preventing the grass from recovering in time for the golf season, ten billion people to feed while fossil fuels are running out. This is where we love to step in. Responsible management of our scarce resources requires

greater efficiency. The good news? Grass offers more solutions than you might think. This is why we invent products that reduce the use of water, fertilisers and energy. Sustainable answers for compelling issues.

Circular use

As a facilitator of sustainable solutions, we cherish the world around us. Even the smallest choices can have an immense impact. This is why we take a circular approach to paper use and invest in sustainable machines to save water. In the US, we are one of the first largest seed companies to generate green energy with our state of the art solar panels.

Future proof

To make responsible decisions for generations to come, we consult our Young Professional Advisory Committee. Our young employees advise the board on important topics like health, safety, innovation, global trends and HR management. Everything that matters to the following generations. Fresh ideas, new perspectives, sustainable goals: together, we develop sustainable strategies for happy employees, happy users and our beautiful world.

Producing more milk

“Producing more milk using my own grass is one of my challenges. It provides appetising forage that keeps my wonderful herd healthy.”


Tim van Noord

Dairy farmer

Hellouw, The Netherlands

Economically viable and sustainable grass

During the development of our products, we pay a great deal of attention to not only economic viability but also to the sustainable use and management of grass. With this in mind, the Green Earth quality label was introduced to help managers of public green spaces achieve sustainable greenery management. This label helps us to work together to...

Helping with Hands

Some things are priceless, like the smiles on people’s faces. Barenbrug teams volunteer in a wide range of projects. From school supplies for school children in South Africa to cooking for homeless people in the United States. Our Helping with Hands Foundation is a beating heart in our company. Together, we make the world a better place.