Persian clover

  • Late-flowering, produces valuable high quality feed from winter through early summer
  • Improved animal production and finishing
  • Fast establishing

Laser annual clover is fast establishing, and produces high-quality feed from winter through early summer, for improved animal production and finishing, or silage/hay.


Later growth
Laser has a different growth curve to Zulu II, flowering 30 days later, so extending growth into summer.


System fit
On dairy farms, add Laser to short-term pastures to improve feed quality and extend DM and animal production in autumn, and then from early spring to early summer. For sheep and beef, it is an excellent option to increase feed quality for higher liveweight gains. Laser also suits hay/silage making. Laser will establish faster, and yield considerably more than white clover over 8-10 months.


Laser can be grazed down to residuals of 2-3 cm during winter. In spring, rotationally graze to residuals of 4-5 cm to maximise animal performance, and pasture regrowth. Avoid over grazing, which will remove developing stems.


Laser can tolerate mild salinity, cold temperatures and partially waterlogged soils. It is susceptible to slugs and springtails during establishment. Use treated seed, slug bait if needed, and include an insecticide at spray out. Laser is resistant to clover scorch.


Sowing Laser


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