Zulu II

Arrowleaf clover

  • Mid-late flowering cultivar
  • Excellent feed value, with less risk of bloat than other annual clovers
  • Deep tap-root to aid summer growth

Zulu II is mid to late flowering and produces high ME feed for grazing, finishing or silage during spring and early summer. It has a deep tap-root to aid summer growth; hard seed and good regeneration if managed well.


Yield + quality
Zulu II can transform low-yielding dry paddocks into palatable, productive pastures growing over 10 t DM/ha in spring and early summer. Feed value is excellent, with less risk of bloat than other annual clovers.


System fit
For dairying – particularly on free-draining dryland – add Zulu II to Italian ryegrass to extend late spring and summer growth and improve pasture ME. For sheep and beef, sow a straight sward; mix with plantain and other clovers or oversow into existing hill pastures. Zulu II best suits rotational grazing.


Zulu II is hard seeded and will not need to be re-sown if it is well managed. For best results, do not graze first year stands during flowering. After seed set, remove plant residues in late summer to promote better seedling regeneration.


Avoid waterlogging. Zulu II suits acid soils and can be susceptible to root knot nematode, clover rot, and Phytophthora root rot. Sow treated seed.


Sowing Zulu II

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