Zulu II

Arrowleaf clover

  • Mid-late flowering cultivar
  • Excellent feed value, with less risk of bloat than other annual clovers
  • Deep tap-root to aid summer growth

Zulu II annual clover has two contrasting roles. First, it’s a high ME legume for finishing animals or making silage from early spring through into summer. Second, where managed to reseed and regenerate, it shows great potential to get N into hill country pastures.


Yield + quality
Zulu II can transform low-yielding dry paddocks into palatable, productive pastures growing over 10 t DM/ha, with highest growth rates through spring and early summer. Feed value is excellent, with less risk of bloat than other annual clovers.


System fit
Zulu II can be used as an autumn sown crop for stock finishing, or for a persistent legume in hill country where it is managed to set seed in the summer, to germinate in the subsequent autumns. It has a high level of hard seed which will persist in the soil for many years. Zulu II has also been used successfully with spring sown chicory, providing N fixation in this summer crop.


If used in conjunction with chicory, graze the crop according to best practice for the chicory. For persistence in hill country Zulu II must be managed carefully to allow reseeding in the first year. Typically these paddocks should not be grazed during flowering. After seed set remove plant residues in late summer to open up the pasture and promote better seedling regeneration in autumn. Zulu II is tolerant of moderately acidic soils. Sow treated seed.


Sowing Zulu II



High-yielding Zulu II is palatable and productive, with excellent feed value.


Zulu II Arrowleaf Clover is owned and marketed by Barenbrug
Zulu II Arrowleaf Clover is protected under the NZ Plant Variety Rights Act 1987

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