Array NEA2

Diploid perennial ryegrass
  • 5-star FVI

  • Unbeaten yield

  • Great cool season growth

  • Very persistent

  • Eats N for breakfast

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Diploid perennial ryegrass
  • Maxsyn is the next generation perennial ryegrass for all farm systems
  • Superior persistence, improved summer growth and tillering
  • Available with NEA4 endophyte for good animal health and insect control
  • +8 days heading date
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Tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • Our highest yielding tetraploid perennial ever
  • More tillers - meaning a more robust pature
  • With higher animal intakes and easier management, 4front can help lighten your farm footprint
  • +15 days heading date
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Diploid perennial ryegrass
  • All-round, dense, fine leaved persistent performer
  • Available with AR1 and AR37 endophytes or as low endophyte
  • Ability to grow more DM on the shoulders of the season, in early spring and autumn
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