Seed certification

  • Seed certification is an industry programme to ensure cultivar identity.
  • It is run by AsureQuality NZ Limited for the NZ Seed Quality Management Authority.


What does certified seed mean?

A crop must be grown to specific standards (e.g. to grow Bealey, the paddock must have been free from any other ryegrass for at least the previous two seasons). This eliminates risk of contamination.
A crop must pass inspection of crop purity by AsureQuality NZ staff in the field before harvest.
After harvest, cleaning and packaging the resultant seed is tested by the National Seed Laboratory and must be of sufficient purity (e.g. for perennial ryegrass of first generation a minimum of 98% pure seed and a maximum 0.7% other seed). Full guidelines for certification requirements are available from the National Seed Laboratory.


All Barenbrug seed is certified with certification tags attached to sacks. Certification certificates are available on request.