NEA Animal Safety

Results to date give us confidence that Shogun with NEA endophyte is unlikely to cause staggers. Its performance is very similar to NEA2 in the tetraploid perennial ryegrass Bealey.

As a matter of caution, we do not recommend Shogun with NEA be used for horses or deer.


Lincoln University trial results

A staggers trial was conducted at Lincoln University in which NEA was compared to a Standard endophyte (SE) control cultivar. A SE cultivar is used to show when ryegrass staggers occurs.
This trial was run under 'poor' management, designed to cause high levels of ryegrass staggers, to simulate a worst case scenario. Plots were pure ryegrass (no clover), and grown up to a high herbage mass, before being set-stocked for an eight week period over late summer.
During February and March 2011, the replicated NEA and SE plots were grazed with hoggets stocked at 12 and 10 hoggets/ha respectively, and a high level of ryegrass staggers was seen in the sheep grazing the SE ryegrass.
No staggers were seen on animals grazing NEA, and as a result we are confident that we are very unlikely to see any staggers on NEA on farms. At the same time, 75% of hoggets grazing SE showed staggers, with 55% of them showing severe staggers (a score of 4).