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The Barenbrug Knowledge Hub is a valuable go-to for agri pasture-related information, providing answers to essential questions and offering details through various tools and resources. Explore short videos and podcasts to learn more about pasture planning and pasture management.

Better pasture together podcast series


Episode One: Autumn Pasture Planning

Got an Autumn pasture plan?

When it comes to autumn pasture planning, it's crucial to consider current factors like climate and economic uncertainty. In the first of Barenbrug’s “Better pasture together” podcast series Commercial Manager Graham Kerr offers practical tips and emphasises the importance of covering key bases for a successful outcome.



Episode Two: 

While a pasture plan is important it is equally important to review that plan and adapt to changing conditions such as economic shifts and climatic changes to ensure the plan you have is optimal for your system and situation.

In this podcast, Graham Kerr emphasises why staying proactive and flexible will pay dividends.



Episode Three: Autumn Pasture Management

Are you set to get the most out of your Autumn pasture?

Find out what is important during the first months of a pasture's life.

In this third podcast of our Better Pasture Together series, Graham Kerr offers insights to help you get your new pasture up to full performance.