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The Barenbrug Knowledge Hub is a valuable go-to for agri pasture-related information, providing answers to essential questions and offering details through various tools and resources. Explore short videos and podcasts to learn more about pasture planning and pasture management.

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Array NEA2 perennial ryegrass offers a unique ‘array’ of benefits, including high intake, yield, nitrogen uptake and persistence. Ask about Array, the new superstar, today.



Forge tetraploid ryegrass - a new age of tetraploid rygrass



Four great reasons to choose 4front, the outstanding new tetraploid perennial ryegrass. Spectacular performance, High palatability, Better environmentally, And it’s from Barenbrug, the pasture experts. Lead from the front, with 4front



The rockstar hybrid you love, now supercharged with NEA12 endophyte and even more yield for great animal performance.



Maxsyn is dense, persistent and incredibly tough....delivering next-gen summer and autumn yield. And, with its powerful new endophyte – NEA4Maxsyn helps control Black Beetle and Argentine Stem Weevil.