3 ways to make home-grown grass go further

If you’re looking for ways to grow and utilise more pasture on dairy farm this spring, so you can reduce imported feed supplements and contain costs of production, look no further than the new technical handbook from one of the most experienced teams in the business.


Home Grown Feed, just released by Barenbrug, explains latest grazing management techniques and innovations as well as key principles for getting the best out your pastures in the season ahead.


The free book also shows how new pastures can be grown for 7c/kg dry matter (DM), which is highly cost effective and much cheaper than any feed that comes on a truck.


Reducing costs of production per kg milk solids is once again a major priority for most farmers this spring. We’re increasingly being asked how pasture can be better used in this context, and the good news is that there is still a lot of untapped potential here, especially at the start of lactation.


Accordingly Home Grown Feed contains a wealth of practical, effective advice and information written for the benefit of all dairy farmers, no matter what size herd they have or what type of farm system they operate.


There’s something in this book for everyone, from the latest thinking on pre-graze mowing to the proven fundamentals of good pasture management.


In the big picture, meantime, renewing pastures remains essential to maintain low cost milk production.


This spring the question is not ‘can I afford to renew pasture?’, but ‘can I afford not to?’ If pastures are not renewed, farm productivity and profitability decline.


Implementing the right renewal programme in a tight season entails good planning and analysis, so the new book walks farmers through this process.


We’ve included all the steps that are required to get the right return on pasture investment, from quantifying the economic benefits of new pasture to investing in the right seed genetics and the right seed mix.


Request a free a copy of Home Grown Feed here.