Champions of the Forage Value Index

In DairyNZ’s latest rankings for the Forage Value Index (FVI) Barenbrug is unique in having a top ranking, five star ryegrass in all categories of the FVI, not just for this part of the country but in every region in the system.  


No other pasture company has achieved this, and as well as confirming the on-farm financial value of Barenbrug cultivars, it confirms the R&D value of what we believe is the best plant breeding programme in the Southern Hemisphere.


You can find out which individual Barenbrug cultivars are the most profitable to sow in our region by hopping online at, and going through the 2016 rankings. (If you haven’t already made the FVI part of your cultivar decision making process, we strongly recommend using it when selecting cultivars this spring.)


In summary, Trojan, Alto AR37 and Arrow are all in the five star group for profitability for this region.


Shogun is the single most profitable 12 month ryegrass in this region in the latest FVI rankings, and is also the only cultivar in the FVI which ranks 5 stars for 12 month growth. That puts it into a category of its own.


Tabu Italian and Hogan annual ryegrass round out the list, with each receiving 5 stars for profitable winter feed production for this region.


These rankings reflect the great work done by the breeding team at Barenbrug. Equally exciting is the progress we are continuing to make with new material.


Plant breeding is a slow, careful process, so it is great to see our new breeding lines and endophytes coming through which will be even better for your farm enterprise - and for NZ’s export earnings.


You can also download our booklet explaining the Dairy NZ Forage Value Index here.