Cut on-farm inflation down to size

Every blade of grass holds the power to dilute rising costs


What if there was one thing that could take the sting out of those big farm input bills?

Something that cost you nothing, that you could do straight away, using what you already have?


It might sound too good to be true. But the answer lies in virtually all your paddocks.


The more pasture you grow and utilise on-farm, the better your return from every dollar spent on inputs, and that’s a fact. It all comes down to management.


It doesn’t have to be complicated or disruptive – sometimes even a small change can lead to a big improvement. And we can help make it happen.


In your hands


DairyNZ has highlighted grazing management as one of three key levers in coping with runaway farm input costs this season, along with strong financial and people management.


Unlike fertiliser, feed and fuel prices, deciding when and how to graze is something farmers have complete control over.


Grazing has been exhaustively researched in New Zealand, and the results are clear. 


Look after your pastures, and in return they will look after you, your cows and your wallet.


Expertise on demand


You don’t have look far to find expert advice on good pasture management. Even better, it’s available on demand, round the clock, free of charge, so you can get answers when it suits you.


Our website  is chock-full of everything we know about getting the best out of pastures on NZ farms.  


It’s based on 30 years of our own experience, as well as decades of pasture science and research.


People power


Barenbrug also has field staff NZ-wide ready to answer pasture questions about maximising their most cost-effective source of feed at a time of record farm inflation.


Every dairy system is different, and finding the right way to grow and utilise more pasture per hectare is not always evident from a hands-on daily farming perspective, especially when labour is short and time even shorter.


But the core principles apply no matter where or how you farm. Every blade of grass holds the power to dilute the rising costs of essential farm inputs, and we’re here to help you find out how.


Keen to know more?


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