Give yourself one less thing to worry about

 Picture this. It’s spring 2023. You’ve got heaps of really good grass; your animals are in great condition and your farm is primed for a boomer year.  


“Wow,” you say to yourself, as you fly through lambing and calving. “Thank goodness we fixed up those knackered paddocks back in autumn. We’d be in a bit of trouble now if we hadn’t…” 


Sounds a bit fanciful, right? Especially if your farm is ‘green’ right now. But it’s not. All that crazy weather over the past year has taken its toll in ways you might not imagine until the only options are to order truckloads of feed or watch animals underperform.  


So let’s get ahead of the game now, while there’s time to do something about it. You’ll be happier heading into winter, and set yourself up for strong season in 2023/24. 


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