High yielding Hogan

When it comes to high performance annual ryegrass, you can’t go past new Hogan as a 6-8 month annual ryegrass for paddocks which will be sown in spring crop.


Surprisingly, the big sellers in this short term market are Moata and Tama, old cultivars released over 30 years ago.


“Those were the days of SMPs, 13kg lambs and being paid for milkfat!” points out Barenbrug pastures systems manager Graham Kerr. 


A modern cultivar bred for today’s high producing farms, Hogan has grown 1t DM/ha more than Moata and Tama in replicated industry trials, extra yield worth up to $300-$350 for high ME winter/early spring feed.


Yes, it costs a bit more for the advanced genetics of Hogan, but an extra outlay of only $40-50/ha means it’s a very attractive investment.


Hogan is in the top ranking for annual ryegrass in both the industry National Forage Variety Trials and DairyNZ’s Forage Value Index (FVI) systems.


Hogan is a tetraploid and recommended for sowing at 30 kg/ha either as a straight winter crop, or mixed with turnips or oats.