Let’s all take a deep breath …

...And pay credit to a life giving gas!   


Every day a phenomenal chemical process takes place on your farm, one that began millions of years ago.  


Earth’s most abundant atmospheric gas cycles endlessly through your animals, your land and your air to sustain life as we know it. We literally cannot live without nitrogen. But neither can we live with too much of it, especially when it ends up in the wrong place.  


Happily, between these two extremes lies a happy middle ground, where pastures, animals, people and the environment prosper. Getting there might seem a big ask at times! But new solutions to help you along the way are being developed right now.  


Meantime, let’s give nitrogen the credit it deserves for nourishing us all, in more ways than one. This is the first of two Insights about nitrogen; next month we’ll look at how it relates to our plant breeding programme.  


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