Red clover revival

There’s a lot to like about Tuscan red clover. It’s been bred for high DM yield with improved persistence under grazing, and it gives fantastic quality feed in summer and autumn.


This is especially important in regions where clover root weevil is a problem, because the weevil doesn’t attack red clover to the same extent as it does white clover.


Tuscan is a far cry from the old ‘hay’ or ‘cow grass’ red clover types, and it’s becoming increasingly popular either as a specialist finishing pasture, or sown in a mix to improve summer feed value.


But if you’re going to use it, use it properly! Sowing low rates per ha has little overall effect.


Because red clover doesn’t spread like white clover, the plants you start with will be the only ones you have.


To properly profit Tuscan’s benefits, we recommend sowing at least 4-5 kg/ha bare seed in a pasture mix to get a good plant population. If you’re sowing AGRICOTE coated seed, the rate should be 6-7 kg/ha because of the lime build-up.