Stitch in extra certainty this autumn

Imagine if your average paddocks came out of summer ready to grow as well as your best ones.


Undersow them with Shogun NEA hybrid ryegrass in coming weeks, and you won’t have to imagine!


For the next two to three years, they’ll give you tonnes of high quality, home-grown feed, with no machinery, feed pad or supplement bill required.


All you have to do is select paddocks that need a shot in the arm to recover from summer; book the contractor if you need one, and order seed.


Bounce back faster


The beauty of undersowing Shogun NEA is that it turns thin, brown pasture thick and green again quicker than virtually anything else you can do.


It’s a great way to help the farm bounce back after summer, with the added benefit of knowing you can milk well off those paddocks for another season or three before they need full renewal.


High energy feed


Your cows will thank you, too, because Shogun NEA is a tetraploid - soft, easy to eat and high in metabolisable energy.


That translates to more milk in the vat, on top of more feed per hectare than you would get if you left those average paddocks as they are after summer.


Soak up nitrogen


Fast-growing, high yielding pasture utilises soil nitrogen very efficiently. Shogun NEA is particularly helpful for this.


Why? It grows well during cooler, wetter months of the year, when the risk of losing nitrogen from the soil is greatest.


Reap full rewards


Success with stitching in Shogun NEA is all about a good plan. Pick the right paddocks now – look for thin, poorer producing pasture. Undersowing also works well on paddocks with lots of summer grass. Remember to check soil fertility.


If you need a contractor, organise this early. The same goes for seed. That way there’s less chance of delay if services or supplies are disrupted this year.


What next?


Contact your seed rep today.