Proven performance you can trust.


Barenbrug NZ is 100% committed to New Zealand’s agricultural future, through providing Kiwi farmers the best pasture you can grow.


Our innovative research programme has created some of this country’s best pastures, all of which are backed by the experience and expertise of our staff.

Lead from the front, with 4front.

4front Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass


  • Tastes great & grazes well.
  • Lifts animal performance.
  • Can help reduce nitrogen leaching.
  • More tillers, for high yield and improved persistence.


To learn more, download our 4front information booklet.

Maxsyn, next generation pasture

Maxsyn Diploid Perennial Ryegrass


  • The highest yield of any perennial ryegrass we’ve released.
  • Exceptional warm season growth.
  • Easier to graze in spring (encouraging new daughter tillers).
  • Strong summer tillering, helping it persist.


To learn more, download our Maxsyn information booklet.

The best of both worlds

Mixing 4front and Maxsyn


While 4front can be sown alone on many farms, mixing 4front with Maxsyn diploid perennial ryegrass extends the benefits of tetraploids to a wider range of farm systems.