The story behind our new logo – Barenbrug

This spring we are proud to announce a new logo: Barenbrug.


We’ve made this change to highlight our link with the Royal Barenbrug Group, a fourth-generation family business based in the Netherlands.


This very successful company has been part of Barenbrug since we started in 1987.


Our relationship with Barenbrug has given us a technical edge from day one, with unique access to plant genetics, science and knowledge.


Barenbrug is the largest privately owned seed company in the world, and being able to share its resources has helped make us what we are today.


It may be a huge global operation, but those involved in Barenbrug know local knowledge is the key to creating great pastures.


They’ve put the weight of their backing and expertise behind the team here in NZ, at the same time as giving us the scope to meet the needs of local farmers.


The Barenbrug connection has also allowed us to undertake advanced scientific research on endophyte technology and opened export opportunities for NZ seed growers.


While the name on our yellow seed bags is different this season, everything else remains the same, including our long-standing commitment to providing NZ farmers the best pasture they can grow.