Top up your tonnage

A few years ago we were asked if it was physically possible to grow a pasture that yielded 30 t DM/ha over 12 months under commercial farm conditions in NZ.

Shogun did exactly that, producing the highest 12 month yield ever recorded for a commercial pasture in NZ.  


Since then Shogun has become the best selling hybrid ryegrass in NZ, and remains in a category of its own in the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI) rankings, with five stars for 12 month growth in every region.

It’s led to what we call the Shogun System, where farmers build up a significant area of the farm in Shogun over a relatively short time (see diagram).

With exceptional year round DM production, fast establishment, excellent palatability, high animal intakes, very late heading, low aftermath heading, NEA endophyte, and persistence of 3-4 years, this is an extremely versatile pasture.


For best results, treat Shogun like a ‘crop’. Don’t let it get too long. Don’t over-graze, and protect it from grazing damage in wet conditions.