Turn over a new leaf


Array - the ryegrass hard-working ruminants have been waiting for.


Twenty-two years of research. Input from a leading animal scientist. Intense selection. Harsh testing. It’s all behind a new, easy-eating perennial ryegrass with improved nitrogen uptake.


That means your animals don’t have to work so hard to consume the thousands of bites they need to sustain themselves each day, and you can utilise nitrogen fertiliser more efficiently.  


The new ryegrass is called Array NEA2. It was bred for high intake and easy grazing with dense, erect tillers that stand tall and literally put themselves closer to animals’ mouths.


Grazing is hard work, and it demands a lot of energy. Array takes some of the physical effort out of this process, so animals have more time to relax, ruminate and produce well.


They can’t explain in words what makes a pasture able to be consumed more efficiently.

So when we started breeding Array NEA2 ryegrass for high intake and easier grazing, we sought the next best source of advice.


Working with an animal scientist, the research tells us grass that stands up tall and erect takes less time and effort to graze than grass that flops on the ground. So that’s what we selected for.


Like all our new pastures, Array NEA2 was also subjected to restricted inputs during development to help ensure it could cope with real-world conditions on farm.


Unlike others, however, it grew significantly more than its peers under low nitrogen. 


What does this mean for your farm? First, more even pasture growth at times when soil nitrogen is deficient, something that happens on virtually every farm at some stage during the year.


Second, a win for the environment, because it gives you the potential to utilise nitrogen more efficiently.


As for growth, Array NEA2 is not only the highest yielding ryegrass Barenbrug has bred, but is unbeaten in the National Forage Variety Trials for both total yield, and winter growth.


It is the also only diploid perennial ryegrass in the top 5-star category for all regions of the DairyNZ Forage Value Index, and has our highest ranking for pasture persistence.


Seed for Array is available now. Order yours from your local retailer today.