Viscount a standout

After more than 10 years on the market, and countless paddocks of very palatable, high performance tetraploid ryegrass pasture, it’s time for Bealey to retire.


Just like breeding livestock, plant breeding is all about continuous genetic improvement, and that’s definitely the case with Bealey’s successor Viscount.   


This exciting new cultivar has been a standout in our plant breeding programme, with significantly more early spring growth and better total DM yield than Bealey.


The early spring advantage is Viscount’s biggest point of difference, providing more growth through lambing or calving when feed is most valuable.


Viscount also benefits from improved rust resistance and better summer feed quality.


Early response from farmers who sowed Viscount last autumn has been very positive.


Viscount is a more upright tetraploid (similar to Bealey). It can be sown alone at 30kg/ha plus clovers, or alternatively it can be sown mixed with Trojan diploid ryegrass. 


The Viscount/Trojan mix improves pasture density and robustness thanks to Trojan, but still provides high palatability from the Viscount side. Sow at 15kg/ha Viscount + 10kg/ha Trojan plus clovers.