Seed mixes

We provide a range of suggested seed mixes on our individual cultivar pages (e.g ryegrass, clover).


But we have developed two new seed mixes for those wanting a more diverse pasture.

Diverse Pasture Mix


  • This Diverse Pasture Mix offers a diverse mix of grasses, clover and herbs that will suit a farmer who is looking to increase pastoral species options.
  • The diverse mix of ryegrasses, cocksfoot, brome, and timothy supply complimentary seasonal growth patterns. Legumes, plantain, and chicory add to the palatability, quality, and diversity of this mix.



  • It has the densely tillered and high yielding Maxsyn NEA4 perennial ryegrass along with the persistence of Rohan SPR perennial ryegrass
  • With the addition of Safin cocksfoot, Bareno grazing brome and Timothy, this mix will persist while also having good growth on the shoulders of the season
  • The top yielding Tabu+ will give an increase in cool season production
  • Captain plantain and 501 chicory supplies pasture diversity for stock, but also the environmental benefits of lower N footprint and in the case of 501 the growth of a deep taproot for increased forage production and quality in dry conditions
  • The range of clovers have different growth habits, high feed quality advantages, and nitrogen fixation.
  • Laser Persian clover and Coolamon sub clover are annual clovers that supply high quality feed from late spring into summer. They can re-seed if managed for it.


Sowing Rate

  • 35kg/ha = 1.4 bags/ha


Management Tips

  • With limited weed control options, more careful paddock choice is required to reduce the risk of perennial weeds are becoming present.
  • It is also important to have a well-prepared seed bed and weed control programme prior to sowing this
  • No specific differences from a standard mix, with regards to nutrient applications, however having a good base of soil nutrient status will aid with the performance of all the species.


This seed mix is available with non treated, bare seed. Please order through your local seed retailer.


Seed Mix



Maxsyn NEA4 perennial ryegrass


Safin fine leaved cocksfoot


Rohan NEA2 SPR perennial ryegrass




Bareno grazing brome


Tabu+ Italian ryegrass


Kotuku white clover


Weka white clover


Morrow MS red clover


Laser Persian clover


Coolamon sub clover


501 chicory


Captain CSP plantain



25kg Bag