Shogun NEA12

Tetraploid hybrid ryegrass

Shogun NEA12 hybrid ryegrass provides a phenomenal 2-4 year pasture that grows like an Italian ryegrass in winter, and like a perennial in summer, with tetraploid palatability too.

What makes it special?

Fast, nutritious and delicious, Shogun is your go-to for both 1-3 year pasture, and undersowing, New Zealand-wide.



Shogun is now supercharged with NEA12 endophyte, growing 8% more total yield than the previous NEA version. With ryegrass breeding delivering about 1% genetic gain a year, that’s eight years’ worth of advancement in one go!


Higher carrying capacity

Shogun NEA12 grows more year-round, so you can feed more animals on those paddocks. Its biggest seasonal advantage over Shogun NEA is during summer and autumn as shown in industry trials below.


Better protection

NEA12 gives Shogun a wider range of insect control, including we believe for porina. Testing has shown NEA12 provides good black beetle control (at the same level as NEA endophyte) and very good root aphid control.


Faster payback

Shogun establishes very fast, more like an Italian ryegrass, so these paddocks are ready to graze sooner than ones renewed with perennial or some other hybrid ryegrasses.

Make more protein
Animals thrive on Shogun NEA12 – it’s a high energy tetraploid, with late heading (+13 days) and minimal aftermath heading in summer, plus you gain that extra yield.

Easy to graze

Shogun is a very palatable tetraploid. Animals love eating it, so it’s easier to manage.


Animal health

In most cases Shogun NEA12 will deliver excellent animal health. We believe it is safe to use for dairy cows and cattle.

There is a risk of some ryegrass staggers in sheep or lambs if you graze into the base of the pasture in summer dry conditions. But this is less likely if you sow a pasture mix with high legume and herb content (see suggestion below). In animal testing on pure ryegrass swards, ryegrass staggers on Shogun NEA12 has occurred at a much lower level then Standard endophyte, and stock recover much quicker

NEA12 is not recommended for horses or deer. A good alternative is Forge NEA hybrid ryegrass.

Sowing Shogun


Shogun NEA12 is owned and marketed by Barenbrug
Shogun hybrid ryegrass & NEA12 endophyte are protected under the NZ Plant Variety Rights Act 1987