Tetraploid annual ryegrass

Hogan is a classic large-leaved, glossy green annual and comes with exceptional performance, as shown by its top ranking in the National Forage Variety Trials (NFVT) for annual ryegrass. Very fast establishing with +14 days heading, it is mainly used as a 6-8 month winter crop.

Hogan sets the standard for tetraploid annual ryegrass, producing over 1.2 t DM/ha more (worth $480/ha) – and it looks fantastic too!


High value

Hogan establishes rapidly and out grows 30+ year old Tama by over 1.2 t DM/ha. Hogan’s advantage is valued by the DairyNZ Forage Value Index at $480/ha extra profit, i.e. a 10+ fold return on the extra $35-$45/ha it costs to sow Hogan over Tama.


Fast establishment

Hogan is a tetraploid bred for rapid establishment (over 22% faster than Tama) to provide fast feed in autumn, a critical advantage particularly following dry summers.

Hogan is unbeaten in the annual ryegrass National Forage Variety Trial summaries.


Annual Ryegrass: All New Zealand trials (yields by season as a percentage of Mean and LSI)



Sowing Hogan


Hogan annual ryegrass is owned and marketed by Barenbrug
Hogan annual ryegrass is protected under the NZ Plant Variety Rights Act 1987
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